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About Me

Hi! I'm Marie, and I guess you could say I'm the heart behind Heart & Soul Weddings! I'm obsessed with anything related to love and weddings, and I'm always down to pour over photos from your best friend's brother's sister-in-law's wedding haha! My affinity for romantic comedies points to my idealism when it comes to romance, but I've fully embraced it, so here we are. :)

I'm based in Richmond, VA, and I travel well beyond that for work and for fun! Some of my favorite spots I've been include Phoenix, D.C., Nashville, Lancaster, & Charleston. 

When it comes to my job, it truly is a passion. I cherish the opportunity to partner with brides & grooms in the planning process, so they have time and energy to spend preparing not only for their wedding, but also for their future marriage! Isn't it crazy how easily we forget about that part?!

And of course, your wedding day is always my favorite! How could it not be? Celebrating your commitment as husband and wife is once in a lifetime, and you've planned a party accordingly! Seeing all the people, details, moving parts, and special touches come together just makes these days the best, and I want you, your family, & your friends to have a front row seat for all of it! Don't worry, my team's holding down the fort backstage! 


On and off the job, I love creating community, so if I'm not knee deep in logistics, you might find me on the volleyball court, coaching or playing (or both!) or hosting a good old-fashioned board game night! When my introverted side kicks in, I tend to lean towards solo thrifting or curling up with a good book.

Okay, that's enough about me! Send me a note, and tell me something about you! And your wedding, if that's on your mind. ;)

Moss Vineyards Charlottesville Wedding - Jess & Jarad Finals 0333_edited.jpg
Moss Vineyards Charlottesville Wedding - Jess & Jarad Finals 0019.jpg

Bringing joy and excitement to the planning process by connecting your vision to the people that will make it a reality!

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